EMMANUEL , God with us .

In the Bible, Jesus has many names that
identify His character. One of those names
is Emmanuel, which means “God with us.”
Before Jesus came to earth, the Spirit of
God resided in the temple. The people had
to go through all sorts of rituals to become
clean enough to go near Him. Now, as
believers, we are the temple of the Holy
Spirit. When we accept Jesus as our Lord
and Savior, He is the one who cleanses us
and actually makes His home in our hearts.
Isn’t it good to know that God is with us?
He is closer than the very air that we
breathe. His peace is always with us. His
joy is always with us. His power is always
with us, and His victory is always with us.
The next time you feel alone, remember,
you serve Emmanuel — the God who is
always with you!



Romans 12:2 Don’t be like the people of
this world, but let God change the way you
think. Then you will know how to do
everything that is good and pleasing to
him. – The way we think comes before we
act. When you accepted Jesus as your
personal Lord and Savior, your mind
should be on the path of renewal, the way
you thought before should be transformed,
the way you acted before should be
completely changed.
Acting like the world should not even be
considered anymore. If you have slipped
back into that worldly thinking, let God
change the way you think so you can
please Him the right way and live a true
Christian life like you are supposed to. It
may not always be easy, but with the Help
that God provides you will succeed and