God has ordained seasons and cycles in
our lives. Sometimes, when our dreams
aren’t coming to pass on our timetable, we
can be tempted to get frustrated. But we
have to be careful not to allow our
attitude to keep us from moving forward.
Understand that in God’s kingdom, every
season is not harvest. There are plowing
seasons, planting seasons and watering
seasons. Sure, we would love for every
season to be a time of increase; but
without the other seasons, we wouldn’t be
prepared. It’s during the plowing seasons
when God’s bringing issues to light that we
need to deal with. He’s getting us prepared
for promotion. If you’re not making as
much progress as you would like, the key is
not to lose any ground. Don’t go
backwards. Hold your position by keeping
an attitude of faith and expectancy, even
when it’s hard. Keep plowing by speaking
the Word daily. As you do, you’ll pass the
test, and God promises your due season is


Day in and day out, week in and week out,
month in and month out you keep doing
everything except what you need to be
doing. You need to write that book, start
that business, clean that office,clean that workstation ,  make
those phone calls and put things in order.
When you first said it, it was ok, then after
the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time it started to
turn into excuses.
You know you have the power and the
ability to get it done. Stop talking yourself
out of doing it. Stop saying it’s too hard, it
will take too long or I don’t have enough
resources. When you have God on your
side, you only need your own desire and
determination to add to it and it will get


They laugh with you in your face but talk
about you behind your back. They say they
are happy for you but their fake hug tells a
different story. You would think they would
be glad to see you do what you love to do.
That is not always the case. They feel like
since they are not fulfilling their dream
that you shouldn’t fulfill yours.
If you let them, they can destroy your
dreams with their negative words and
sarcastic remarks. Be careful who you call
your friends. You’ve come too far to let
anything and anyone take your dreams
away from you.


I heard a Pastor say before, if you don’t
use the gift God gave you, He will take it
from you and give it to someone else. Now
that wouldn’t be a good thing would it?
Your gift is something specific that God put
in you to please and praise Him with. Your
gift, also when used for God can open so
many doors for you but you would never
know this because you are not using that
gift. You are letting it go to waste.
Question: If you give a person a gift and
they take that gift, don’t open it and just
place it the corner under some other
things, how would you feel? When you
don’t use your gift, it is like you are saying
to God, thanks for the gift but since I’m
not going to use it, I’ll just put it over here
under some other things.
Bottom line. Pick up that gift, open it and
use it. There are literally thousands of
people waiting for you to use and bless
them through your gift. Don’t pass up this
opportunity. This is the time to praise and
glorify God through the gift He gave you.

FAVOR! The most common word in Zambian Gospel songs…

One definition of the word “favor” is an
advantage for success. When you put God
first, when you obey His commands, you
open the door for His favor — you have
the advantage for success! Even if
someone has wronged you and it looks like
they have the upper hand, even if it looks
like things are never going to change, you
need to keep reminding yourself, “I have
an advantage. God is in control of my
destiny. He’s fighting my battles for me. He
is my vindicator, and it’s just a matter of
time before things change in my favor.”
I love the scripture in Hebrews that says,
“Don’t cast away your confidence.” One
translation says, “…for payday is coming.”
In the difficult times, you have to remind
yourself that payday is on its way! God is a
faithful God. If you’ll keep doing the right
thing, honoring Him and expecting His
favor, God has promised He will pay you
back. He will restore everything in your life
that the enemy has stolen so you can live
the abundant life He has promised to you.

EMOTIONAL & MENTAL BAGGAGE (How many bags do you have?)

They are nice, smart, sweet, thoughtful,
nice looking, encouraging and motivating.
They have everything you could possibly
want in a person but the baggage they
bring into the relationship whether it be
emotional or mental baggage makes all of
those positive qualities just disappear.
Without the baggage, you would marry
them in a heartbeat.
But when you think of what life would be
like with them along with the baggage they
have, you say to yourself absolutely not. If
you ever plan to have a future with
someone, you must always take that
inventory of whether or not you want to
deal with all the baggage and drama they
bring into the relationship.
The only way that a person can get rid of
that mental and emotional baggage is to
have Jesus cleanse their heart and mind
and to restore that person to where the
pain and heartache no longer hinders


If obstacles or walls are put in front of
you, you only have 5 options.
(1) Go over the wall.
(2) Go around the wall.
(3) Go under the wall.
(4) Go through the wall.
(5) Act like you don’t see a wall and keep
It doesn’t matter which option you choose,
just make it to the other side where
success, joy and happiness is waiting for

You Have to make the Decision Today, Never put it off for later .

You know it eventually had to come to
this. You have to make a decision. Some of
the decisions that you have been putting
off are:

Do you follow your passion and dream and
start that business?
Do you end some of your friendships or
relationships with people?
Do you start going to church?
Do you finally start that exercise problem
you said you wanted to do?
Whatever your decision you have to make
in your life, make that decision today.

Stop putting it off because it is not
bringing you any closer to the enjoyment
of life you want for yourself.

MISERY LOVES COMPANY : ( Never allow it to get the best out of you )

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t
have this or that.
Don’t let anyone put you down and say
that nobody would want you.
Don’t feel that you have to settle for just
anyone or anything.
You have the God given talent and
intelligence to get what you want.
You have the God given ability to strive to
be anything you want to be.
You don’t need the negative words from
people who are going nowhere. Misery
loves company and that is why people try
to keep you down by saying negative
things to you. If they can keep you down
on their level, they’re happy.
You can’t fall for that because you are too
smart for that. You need to stand in front
of a mirror, put your hands on your hips
and say out loud, (I Look Good), (I Feel
Good), (Watch Out World, Here I Come).