In any relationship listening without
interrupting your partner is very
important. You see, when you don’t listen,
it says many things. It says that you don’t
respect your partner and what they have
to say doesn’t mean anything to you. It
shows that you are not patient because it
takes patience to wait for the other person
to finish what they are saying.
It also shows that you don’t have any self
control which is to keep quiet while your
partner is speaking. It also shows that you
are only interested in yourself and your
own thoughts. James 1:19 says we should
be quick to listen but slow to speak.
Nothing, when you are in the middle of an
argument will get resolved if you both keep
interrupting each other or talking over one
another and getting louder and louder in
the process. Hear me when I tell you this.
If you get this area under control, your
relationship will only get better.


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