I heard a Pastor say before, if you don’t
use the gift God gave you, He will take it
from you and give it to someone else. Now
that wouldn’t be a good thing would it?
Your gift is something specific that God put
in you to please and praise Him with. Your
gift, also when used for God can open so
many doors for you but you would never
know this because you are not using that
gift. You are letting it go to waste.
Question: If you give a person a gift and
they take that gift, don’t open it and just
place it the corner under some other
things, how would you feel? When you
don’t use your gift, it is like you are saying
to God, thanks for the gift but since I’m
not going to use it, I’ll just put it over here
under some other things.
Bottom line. Pick up that gift, open it and
use it. There are literally thousands of
people waiting for you to use and bless
them through your gift. Don’t pass up this
opportunity. This is the time to praise and
glorify God through the gift He gave you.


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