EMOTIONAL & MENTAL BAGGAGE (How many bags do you have?)

They are nice, smart, sweet, thoughtful,
nice looking, encouraging and motivating.
They have everything you could possibly
want in a person but the baggage they
bring into the relationship whether it be
emotional or mental baggage makes all of
those positive qualities just disappear.
Without the baggage, you would marry
them in a heartbeat.
But when you think of what life would be
like with them along with the baggage they
have, you say to yourself absolutely not. If
you ever plan to have a future with
someone, you must always take that
inventory of whether or not you want to
deal with all the baggage and drama they
bring into the relationship.
The only way that a person can get rid of
that mental and emotional baggage is to
have Jesus cleanse their heart and mind
and to restore that person to where the
pain and heartache no longer hinders


One thought on “EMOTIONAL & MENTAL BAGGAGE (How many bags do you have?)

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