The K500 and The K50000

A  torn K50, 000 note and a similarly worn
out K500 note arrived at the Bank of
Zambia to be retired. As they moved along
the conveyor belt to be burnt, they struck
up a conversation. The K50, 000 note
began to reminisce about its travels all
over the country.
“I’ve had a pretty good life,” the K50, 000
proclaimed. “I’ve been to State House,
Manda Hill, Garden’s cockpit, Times Cafe,
Barclays Sports Complex, and Chez’
Ntemba, all manner of Cock tails, Arcades
Complex, the finest restaurants and night
clubs, you name it, I have been there. I
have also been to the finest entertainment
centers and hottest night clubs all over the
country and even a cruise on the Lake
Tanganyika and Siavonga.”
“Wow!” said the K500. You’ve really had an
exciting life!”
“So tell me,” says the K50, 000, “where
have you been throughout your lifetime?”
The K500 replies,
“Oh, I’ve been to the New Apostolic &
Methodist Church, the Redeemed Christian
Church, the AFM Church , the Deeper Life
Bible Church , Bread of Life Church, Grace
Ministries, Catholic Church, Winners’
Chapel, Miracle Life Family church,
Anglican & Baptist Church, the C & S
Church, CCC, ZAOGA,CMML, the Lutheran
Church , Reformed Church In Zambia,
Seventh Day Adventist Church, United
Church of Zambia, the Evangelical Church
in Zambia, Christ Embassy, Catholic
Church, …”
The K50, 000 note interrupts, “What is a



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