In my five years of commuting  between towns for work, i have witnessed the number of cars on our Zambian high ways grow exponentially, its has grown as fast as the social media frenzy .

Just yesterday whilst going for work we came across a Zimbabwean registered truck which went of the high way and was only stopped by a tree which was in front of it , luckily the driver escaped unhurt.  Most people we found on the scene had a phone in their hands or some sort of hand held devices taking photos or videos.

Hardly a month ago we witnessed Truck belonging to Chat Milling which  lost control hitting into an anthill, they were a total of 7 passengers including the driver, it happened before our very eyes as the truck was just in front of us, it was so tragic that the car had to turn around facing the direction it was coming from, all the people in the truck had some fractures and dislocations, Surprisingly after we went out to assist the casualties, so people where just busy taking photos and videos whilst they stood afar, which begged these  questions ” Are all these people journalists? , Are they taking these photos to send to media houses? Or its just for the sake of being the first to share the photos and videos on sharing sites or even social media? ”

It took a few courageous people to help the casualties, as most of them had cuts and where bleeding, as we all never had surgical gloves or any form of hand protection , to prevent us from getting any blood transmitted infections from the casualties, but we did it for a good cause, helping humanity despite the health risks involved, while other people where busy uploading photos to their profiles.

Ever since then it has made me wonder is it of any benefit being  the first to share the photographs on sharing sites than helping save the life of the casualties. Am glad that my phone stayed in my pocket and i administered first aid to some of the casualties, saving a life of a family man , a bread winner and a tax payer.


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